Stonks Significado Strokes Meme

Published Februari 18, 2022
Stonks Significado Strokes Meme

Often used to question or scorn something or someone as if saying Hmm I dont know about that. Stonks is an intentional misspelling of the word stocks which is often associated with a surreal meme featuring the character Meme Man standing in front of a picture representing the stock market followed by the caption Stonks The picture began seeing use as a reaction image online in jokes about making poor financial decisions.

Stonks Meme But It S Youtube Youtube

Helth is an intentional misspelling of the word health which is often associated with a surreal meme featuring the character Meme Man in a doctors lab coat standing in front of a picture representing a health monitor.

Stonks significado strokes meme. Stonks is sometimes used in an extended way to comment on all sorts of non-financial situations. Stonks is a deliberate misspelling of stocks Its used to mock bad financial decision-making bullshit credentials andor our incapacity to understand the powerful but incomprehensible economic forces that hang so heavily on our daily lives. Recently these two worlds converged in whats arguably the greatest financial meme the internets ever bestowed upon us.

The actual visual stonks meme features a face known as Meme Man a smooth bald facsimile of a 3D human head that reportedly emerged on 4chan and spread online in the latter half of the 2010s. Stonks A meme used to describe a retarded economic decision. O meme Stonks vem fazendo sucesso nas redes sociais especialmente no Twitter.

The original Stonks meme was originally posted to the Facebook meme page Special Meme Fresh making fun of the stock market back in 2017 but has become wildly popular do the widespread use on social media and subreddits such as Dank Memes in 2019. Intended to show a person pondering or deep in thought. ENTENDA AGORA O MEME STONKS E SAIBA DE ONDE ELE SURGIUME SIGA NO INSTAGRAM.

StonksDiscord -- httpsdiscordggRh5PPAMusic Channel. The stonks meme gussies Meme Man up in a suit places him against a blue background of assorted percentages arrows and numbers and juxtaposes him against the word stonks with an. Jhon_willyan-----Nesse vídeo você confere qual a verdadeira história e origem do meme Stonks.

Today Meme Man the face of the Stonks memes has now become its own format with many different variations. Tone varies including earnest playful puzzled skeptical and mocking. Download to start creating.

Check out our trending asset for your video projects. Easily add text to images or memes. Stonks memes are often used to make often hypothetical jokes about situations where a person thinks they are cleverly making a profit but arent or cant.

Inspirado no mercado financeiro a brincadeira vem senda usada para indicar ideias aparentemente geniais e por vezes fora da realidade que gerarão ganhos financeiros mas que podem resultar em. The image is an edited variation of Stonks that is used as a reaction image to joke about making poor health decisions. A yellow face with furrowed eyebrows looking upwards with thumb and index finger resting on its chin.

It is commonly followed with a picture of Meme man standing behind a picture of a stock market with the caption stonks. Stonks Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet.

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